Building Department


The Objective of the Building Department is to secure compliance with all Village Codes, Local, County, State and Federal Laws under its jurisdiction. These codes and laws were created to protect the health, safety and welfare of the Village residents and visitors. The purpose for generating and upholding these laws is to preserve the quality of life within the Village.


  • Issue permits and Licenses: including, but not limited to, building permit, sign permits, plumbing permit, bulkhead permit, fence permit, cabaret license, etc.
  • Inspect new construction and equipment installation: new buildings, home renovations, swimming pools, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, fire suppression equipment, etc.
  • Inspect existing structures: for property maintenance, fire code compliance, property use, quality of life code enforcement, etc.
  • Investigate complaints: secure compliance for for any code/law violations.
  • Enforce zoning laws: ensure proper use of property as described by the zoning laws of the Village.

Village of Amityville Zoning Map


Call or Fax the Building Department or look in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

If you would like to ask the Building Inspector specific questions about your property, proposed construction, zoning issues, or building permit changes, please email our staff.

Please note: When required for Building Permits, the following forms will be accepted for Proof of Coverage :

  • Workman's Compensation - C-105.21, U-26.3, SI-12, GSI-12
  • Disability - C-105.21, DB-120.01, DB-155