Assessor / Tax Receiver


The tax assessor is responsible for assigning a value to all of the properties within the Village. Since the Village is a self-assessing unit, all physical changes to these properties are reviewed by the assessor to determine whether or not these changes have increased or decreased the value of the property. This value is used in determining the tax rate for the property and is listed on your tax bill.

  • Thomas Donato, Assessor
  • Johanna Rogers, Administrative Assistant

The tax clerk is responsible for collecting the taxes, sending out late payment notifications and preparing for the Tax Sale which occurs each March. The Tax Sale is advertised in the Amityville Record.

Tax Bills

The Village tax bills are sent out in May. Each bill is a two part invoice, with the first payment due during the month of June and the second payment due in the month of December. Duplicate bills can be obtained from the tax clerk for a fee of $2.


The Village offers Senior and Veterans exemptions on personal property.

  • Senior Exemption: in order to qualify for a Senior Exemption, the applicant must be at least 65 years old, residing on the Village property and have an income not to exceed $37,400. The maximum amount of a senior exemption is 50% of the assessed value, with a sliding scale based on income level. Once granted, a Renewal Application is sent out each year which has to be completed and sent back with supporting documentation. The deadline for filing for a Senior Exemption is December 31st.
  • Alternative Veterans Exemption: Veterans (or surviving spouses) who were on active duty during certain wartimes may be eligible for the Alternative Veterans Exemption. Please contact the Tax Clerk for more information.

Please note: the STAR exemption (School Tax Relief Program) and Senior STAR exemption are administered through the Town of Babylon as it applies to school taxes. Please contact the Town of Babylon at 631-957-3000 for more information.